How does it work?
1. Create an account on Cheap Goalie Gear – it’s free!

2. Make a purchase.

2. We’ll send you cash back via PayPal

3. Cash back percentage is applied to the product amount – not shipping, taxes, fees, etc.

4. Once you click through to our partners, it doesn’t matter what you buy – you’ll earn cash back for it!

How secure is my information?

Our website collects only the order number of your purchase, that’s it.  

What are cookies and how do I make sure that my computer is accepting them?
Cookies allow for the efficient navigation of Web sites, and they notify us when you’ve made a successful transaction with our partners.  You must have your cookies turned on to get cash back. Your browser should automatically accept cookies unless you have turned cookies off. In order to turn cookies back on in Internet Explorer, click on Tools and then Internet Options. Under Internet Options, click on the Privacy tab and then the Advanced button to choose the setting that will allow cookies. In Firefox, click on Tools and then Options. Under Options, click on the Privacy tab to choose the setting that will allow cookies.

I recently made a purchase.  Why haven’t I been paid yet?
We understand how important getting cash back is to you.  We work closely with our partners to ensure that all purchases recorded and paid out.  It usually takes 30 days for us to verify that the sale was not returned to the store.  If you think you should have earned cash back but haven’t yet, email us at info@cheapgoaliegear.com

How can I make sure I earn cash back?
If you like to search for coupons, do it before you come to Cheap Goalie Gear.  Cheap Goalie Gear must be the last referring site to the partner.